Consultant - Grace Blog
Consultant - Grace Blog

Hi, I’m Grace


My breadth of experience ranges from being an executive for luxury brands to financial planning for a digital media startup to being an accredited sommelier, entrepreneur and opening and running my own bar, restaurant and travel companies. I am always up for a challenge and know how to get a check list complete no matter what the endeavor.  I thrive on working with people with ideas no matter how big or small to grow it exponentially or get it off the ground.

I am here to take the pressure off and execute the plan for your needs to get exactly where you need to go.

Let’s Talk!

How I Can Help


If it’s not your thing let it be mine! From organizing your time to building a budget to a customer appreciation event let me free up your time to do what you love. My resources include a wealth of professionals that I have connected with over the years throughout my career and I can turn your needs into accomplishments. No job is too big or too small.

Tool bag


Google Suite, MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Canva, Wix, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Survey Monkey, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, GP Dynamics, Management Reporter, NetSuite, Bloomberg, Rightsline, Movie Magic, Tripleseat, Upserve, Cellar Tracker

Create more space for you

My goal is to help my clients save their time and energy by handling what you don’t want to or have time to do.  You’ll be amazed at how much of your time I can free up so that you can focus on the work you love, and on building your idea.

Marketing &
Brand Development

Achieving brand recognition and finding new clients through marketing takes hard work, and I’m ready to help. From researching and creating and writing blog articles to helping increase your conversion rates. Schedule a call, and let me know how I can help!

  •  Email Campaigns
  •  Logos
  •  Blog and Copy Writing
  •  Web Design and Maintenance
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Collateral Design and Copy
  •  Administrative

Finance Planning,
Accounting & Consulting

Starting or running a business with so many moving parts can be challenging. By having a clear vision of your future goals, I can create and refine your business plan and forecast the future.  Let me gather financial data, analyze and present opportunities and cost saving methods to get your business aligned with your vision.  Let’s get started!

  • Financial Statements Review
  • Business Planning
  • Forecasting/Budgeting
  • ROI Analysis
  • Sales Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Payroll

Full-Service Event Planning,
Catering, Travel

As a certified sommelier, entrepreneur and restaurateur I have a great appreciation for creating food and wine events.  From organizing intimate wine, beer, whiskey or mixology tastings, to virtual corporate events I can provide you with a full-service experience from top to bottom. Do you have a wine cellar that needs procurement or a dream to open a wine shop or restaurant?  Dream of traveling and visiting wineries with friends but don’t know where to start, I am here to curate your trip? Let me and my team build your passion into a reality!

  • Virtual or live tasting events

  • Menu Design, preparation and pairings

  • Wine classes

  • Cooking Classes

  • Individual pairing boxes

  • Tours for group up to 12 ppl (For detailed info, please click here.)

  • Restaurant management (personnel, payroll and HR needs)

WebAr Services

Do you want to try something innovative? Do you have a brand that needs to reach buyers and sending pictures via email just doesn’t quite do the trick?  With WebAR you can get creative and reach clients from the comfort of your Office or home. With augmented reality technology from WebAR and a cell phone you can create truly singular personal messages and create connections that are unforgettable.  This last year has taken a toll on in person meetings, sales, education and so much more.  We can recreate your product, service or Social Media footprint into an experience that will excite and reinvigorate your audience from buyers, to students, to fans and more. Intrigued?  You should be…. Let’s get on a call or video conference now, for a demo!

  • Fashion brands – virtual sales, fashion shows
  • Influencers
  • Entertainment – singers, musicians, actors, comedians
  • Education – teachers, training
  • Corporate team building, trainings, product augmentation.