Meet Franco Pianegonda Jewelry Designer

OMG, I don’t even know where to begin! I just returned from Las Vegas after having visited the Couture and JCK jewelry shows and I am still running on pure adrenalin. My schedule was jam packed with everything from official interviews, job interviews and networking. Gotta get out there!!! Right people?! But, I have to tell you, during my years with Gucci, the shows were both tiring and full of good times with my industry friends, yet for the first time this weekend, I was FREE. I was not confined to the Gucci private suite at the Wynn, with appointments from 8 to 8. I was able to explore the show like never before. It reminded me of the first time I went to Milan while I was working for Giorgio Armani. I will never forget when they told me I could go to the warehouse and pick out whatever I wanted. I was truly, “A kid in a candy store”. I was an explorer, having discovered the tomb of treasures. The floor of the show was an actual treasure chest. I could have spent a week there and not have seen all there was to see. Of course, there are my favorites and in the coming days I will share with you the many designers that I met with, and who made such a profound impact with me, spirit, mind and soul.  Yes, jewelry and the people who create it can do all of that; at least it can for me. If I had a wish to fill, it would have been to take all those jewels home. Damn, if only I had that kind of disposable income or that celebrity status to get away with that! Oh well maybe one day, right?!

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