Get Off Your Acid

Photo by Anne Fishbein

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed my recent posts about my new eating lifestlyle.  I am now living an alkaline lifestyle, and my posts included pictures of me drinking my greens and minerals, working out, and getting off my acid. My grocery cart contains all the fruits and veggies that are part of my new daily menu. I learned how to shop and substitute acidic foods for highly alkaline foods with the handy Ultimate Alkaline/Acid Food Guide by Dr. Daryl Gioffre. I started this journey, like many of us do, with the thought that I needed some new goals in the New Year — ranging from health to wealth.  I thought health would be a great place to begin, and a detox would be a strong kick-start to my health goals.  I had been reading about living a PH lifestyle on many blogs and in celebrity interviews. And then when I learned that my very good friend Chelsea’s husband had created a program and it included a detox which was starting January 7th  — I was in!  I immediately invited some friends, and of course my husband, to join me.

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