Spring Trends 2016

Spring is here!  Here are a few of my favorite items that are comfortable, basic and on trend.
My short list on Spring Runway Trends 2016
Tops | Off the shoulder,  Victorian style puffy sleeves, lace and prints
Shoes | Casual sneakers, mules, Latin inspired sandals, and booties for the casual practical look,  embellished shoes for when you want to make a statement
Pants | Wide leg cropped pants and low slung pants
Cover Ups | The bomber jacket is in for spring and fall | Lingerie and robe style cover ups
Nails  & Makeup | Toes get bright colors while hands stay neutral | bright lips and electric eyes, sparkles, glitter, dreamy summer skin
Handbags | Saddle shapes, strappy backpacks, half moon cross body
Accessories | Tribal, Mexican and Southwest motifs, floral, elongated earrings, ankle bracelets, patterns, chokers, intricate | NO MATCHY MATCHY
Eyewear | all shapes and sizes from cat to round to oversized, reflective, colorful and ombre lenses, plastic frames | YES MATCHY MATCHY | Match your sunglasses to your outfit

 All Items listed below in GG Picks.

Happy Shopping!

Spring 2016 Basics



Winter Jewelry: H Sterns Iris Collection

A flash into H. Sterns Iris Collection….

H. Sterns Iris collection launches us through a journey into the sea.  Iris was one of the goddesses of the sea who was also known as the “Personification of the Rainbow”.  H. Stern combines the romance of Greek mythology with interesting oceanographic studies.

The designers turned to the HMS Challenger that sailed from 1873 to 1876 to understand the specimens, sea shells and various marine life.

The designs captivate all the beauty of the sea. Through the diverse use of rose, yellow and noble gold we experience true richness, subtle movement, texture and the singular brilliance of each piece. 

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