Ragù “Boar”ognese
Photo by Anne Fishbein

Photo by Anne Fishbein

This is a signature Tuscan dish and this recipe reflects its authentic roots.   Wild Boar roams freely in the Tuscan hills and Italians have traditionally created dishes from what was available in their backyards.  This recipe calls for wild boar meat, however you can substitute it with whatever meat you prefer, as well as serve it with other types of pasta.  Traditional pastas used with this ragù are pappardelle or tagliatelle because of their texture and the way they absorb the ragù expressing the rich and hearty flavors.  This is a great dish for fall/winter and for your holiday guests!


Watch the GG Channel as Chef Alicia walks us through how to make it. Special thanks to Chef Sean for all his help.  I also include my wine pairing suggestion as I sip and savor this delicious meal. Cin Cin!

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