Words, Wine and… Me

When I got an invitation on Linked In to be the guest Sommelier on a digital series, I wondered, “Is this for real?” I immediately looked into it to see if it was an authentic show — and the exciting answer was YES! Tara Johnson is the creator and executive producer of this new series about female empowerment, “Words, Wine and Women.”   The show talks to strong, intelligent, modern women as they engage in raw, honest, and often-humorous conversation. Tara explained that the show features a wine-tasting session with its hosts. The guests are a team of five women tasting wine before they get into the other conversational topics. I loved everything about this program — and even offered our restaurant as the backdrop for Season Two.


I immediately dropped everything I was doing and started researching the story and the wines I wanted to share. I didn’t just want to do the typical “Somm speak” about a varietal and go through tasting notes. Wines are so much more than just “grape juice”. They have a history from the vines, to their birthplace, to the vineyard and winery. It’s a romantic story and I wanted to share the romance I had with the wines I chose. I focused on my heritage and passions, from fashion to becoming a Somm and found the vineyard winery that I knew the ladies could relate to and love. After all, this show discusses women’s hot topics. I wanted it to be fun and relate to what women are really interested in. So I started revisiting my past trips to Italy and the various vineyards I had gone to — and came up with my two red wine selections.


Our shoot took place in August and began at 5:45 am. By 9 am the hosts, makeup artist, dresser, hair stylist, production, craft services, and camera crew surrounded me. We had about 18 people bustling all around us. I couldn’t believe what an undertaking this was! I enjoyed talking to everyone between takes. I watched the ladies perform as I reviewed my notes and wines, waiting anxiously for my turn. Earlier in the day I sneaked behind the spotlights to get a feel of what it would be like. I had never been on camera before, so my nervous energy was flowing. I didn’t want to look like a deer in headlights when it was my turn. When it got close to my call time, I got dressed and had my hair and makeup done. Then I heard my name called and met the other ladies at our wine table as we got set up in front of the cameras.


It was SHOWTIME! I began speaking, and the energy I was feeling carried me through two takes. The time flew by. Suddenly it was done — but my adrenaline was still pumping since I had a second episode to do. Now I had to wait to go on again. More high-energy excitement.


It was an overall great experience. The entire crew was so amazing and supportive — and they all made it so much fun. I hope I get to do it again! Meantime, I hope you enjoy the first episode.


About the Wines:


The wines I chose are from a vineyard winery located in Sicily, and having Sicilian origins I was drawn to Feudi Del Pisciotto immediately. They dedicate one half of their vines to the top red wine of the island, Nero d’avola the indigenous Sicilian varietal and the other half to international varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot, Semillon, and Gëwurtztraminer. These wines exemplify the true essence of “Made in Italy.” The three most important Italian contributions recognized the world over are: Art, Fashion, and Wine.


Feudi Del Pisciotto invited the top Italian designers to participate in the launch of these great Sicilian wines. Part of the annual proceeds will be donated to the restoration of a work of art chosen from amongst the island’s wealth of cultural treasures. This worthy project has resulted in wine labels designed by Valentino, Versace, Missoni, and Blumarine etc. My favorite two are Versace Nero d’Avola and Valentino Merlot.


Watch the episode on the GG Channel to learn more about these fantastic wines.




(Grace’s makeup:  Cheeks: Tarte cheek stain in blushing bride  Base: Koh Gen Do Eyes: Urban Decay Palatte #3  Lips: Mac Cremeshene Creme Cup Dress: SingleDress)